Total Focus Podcast E23 With Jennifer Wakefield

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Jennifer Wakefield competed at the Mrs. Maryland International 2019 pageant where she won the crown, walked away with the title of Mrs. Maryland International 2019 and received the opportunity to advance to the Mrs. International 2019 pageant.

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My pageant career started in 1994 in Michigan!

Miss Berrien County pageant - Top 12 and top 3 platform - 1994

Miss Lake Michigan USA - Miss Photogenic - 1995

Miss Southwest Michigan (Miss America system) - 1995

Miss Maryland USA - Prelim. Evening gown and Interview - Nov. 1998 for the 1999 title

Ms. Georgetown/Ms. Nations Capital Pageant - 2001

Mrs. Maryland America 2006

Mrs. Maryland International 2007

Mrs. Prince George's County United States - 2008??

I was entered to compete in Mrs. Maryland America 2012 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer...!

International Junior Miss Mom Pageant - 1st runner up - 2015

Mrs. Maryland International 2017 - 3rd runner up and Mrs. Photogenic - adjusted to 1st runner up

Mrs. Maryland United States 2018 - 2nd Runner up

Mrs. DC America 2018 - Leadership Award

Mrs. Maryland America 2018


Mrs. International 2019 - Charleston, WV July 19-20, 2019!

Both of my daughters have held titles - Lexi was Miss Pre-Teen Maryland International 2011 and Top 10 at NAM Jr. Teen out of 90 contestants!!

Natasha was Miss Elementary Mid-Atlantic 2013 and Miss Maryland Elementary 2015

I credit pageantry for helping my daugther’s become the strong, confident and well spoken young ladies that they are!

My focused changed as I competed - from not having a clue what pageantry was all about to being a pageant mom, coach and judge! From just competing for the fun of it to now where it is still fun but at the same time having a purpose - my purpose - using my title to help more ladies going through breast cancer with my platform of Life After Treatment...Breast Cancer Is Not the End! Bringing love, hope and support to ladies going through it now. Partnered with the American Cancer Society, For 3 Sisters and donating care bags to my breast surgeon Dr. Pamela Wright that she gives out when she delivers the life altering news.

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