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Tamara Allard

Miss Potomac 2019 is Tamara Allard. Tamara graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Washington State University (WSU) with dual Bachler degrees in psychology and kinesiology. After graduating she moved across the country to pursue a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Maryland where she studies memory, sleep, and brain development in early childhood. On June 22nd, Tamara will compete for the title of Miss Maryland America.

Tamara first competed in the Miss America Outstanding Teen Organization when she was 16 years old and quickly became addicted to the values and vision of Miss America. As a title holder Tamara is passionate about her social impact initiative Preparation for Higher Education. As someone who struggled early in her Education due to her ADHD she passionately advocates for improved basic education by providing resources to students, speaking in classrooms, and by advocating to policy makers. Since first entering the organization she has spoken to over 2300 students and provided more than 2000$ in scholarships to young people. Furthermore, in 2017 Tamara was named the National Spokesperson for National Higher Education Day (NHED) which is observed annually on June 6th. She hopes to use the title of Miss Maryland to further advocate or Higher Education Readiness in Maryland and across the nation.

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