Total Focus Podcast E8 with Alexxys Sheedy

Guest of the week

Alexxys Sheedy


Alexxys Sheedy is currently enrolled at Full Sail University in the sportscasting degree program. She is originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania but recently attended West Virginia University for chemical engineering where she soon decided it was not a good fit. She then pursued journalism where she found her true calling in sports. 

Her move from high school to college made her realize how big of a role sports played in her life and how much she wanted her interest in sports to stay alive. Although attending as many college sporting events and cheering her team on as much as she possibly could, she just couldnt seem to get enough. She began to attend conventions such as the National Fantasy Football League Convention where she learned how many oppurtunities there were in sports as well as the need for females in the field. Her overall goal is to influence girls to not be afraid to do something they love and to work towards somethng they are passionate about no matter what others say!

Host of the show

Paul A. Belletiere, ACC


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