Trying out for professional cheerleading team or dance squad ?

Then you should have a great head shots and full-length photos for tryouts. Having a amazing photos for Try out is half of the battle towards making the team.

We go the extra mile and make sure that you have the best opportunity to have amazing photos for your tryouts. Even if you're a seasoned veteran or a rookie we would love to work with you and hope you achieve your goal as a professional Cheerleader.

Recommendations for teams to tryout for in the mid-Atlantic region are


Semi Professional


Indoor Football


Official Team Photographer


Photos are very important for tryouts but also having a great dance skill is extremely important as well.

Mid Atlantic Video & Photography Production  would recommend practicing with Throwback Cheer. Throwback Cheer is a professional Cheerleading organization that prepares professional cheerleaders for tryouts. Throwback Cheer provides their students the skills knowledge and ability to make any professional cheerleading squad. All instructors are passed cheerleaders from either the NFL or NBA giving you an opportunity to work with a professional cheerleader. With the right skills, practice and great photo you will give yourself the best opportunity to make a professional Cheerleading squad this year. We look forward to working with you.